The first composite edit of 2017! This was a must do on my list. I photographed this about two years ago and been so caught up in other projects I've put this on the back burner. I decided to revisit some of my old personal projects and stumbled upon this. Instantly I knew what had to be done, I had to make Martin into a space fighting Martian. I got my self situated comfortably and started going to work. First coloring him and pulling that detail/clarity slider all the way up to get that Faux HDR effect. I then did some frequency separation on his face to get that plastic/3D look. Then from there I sorta just kept playing with the rim light and color til I got it right. Oh yeah, I gave him gloves. Bright yellow ones to keep things geeky. I topped it off with drawing in that back curved glass. Earth and foreground subject from online stock sites.

Model: Martin Tapalla (Photographer) -
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